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Make Your Business Writing Pop

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About this service

In our unrelenting 24/7 world, people want their information condensed and delivered at lightning speed. Does your business writing succinctly and effectively promote you and your ideas? Does it engage, persuade, and motivate your readers? Do they pay attention to your e-mails, social media updates, blog posts, and texts? Nancy Ancowitz helps make your writing tight, timely, and relevant. She shows you how to attract and hold your readers’ attention. Together, you and Nancy will tackle your writing projects—proposals, presentations, résumés, cover letters, and thank-you notes—from brainstorming to first draft to finished product. Nancy will work with you online, by phone, or by e-mail to help you dramatically improve your writing. You’ll learn to: - Get past the blank page; navigate writing roadblocks - Target your audience; establish your reason for communicating - Use the appropriate tone - Write attention-grabbing headings - Craft compelling beginnings and endings - Find your authentic voice and style - Drive readers to take action Do your vital e-mails go unanswered? Do they get lost in your recipients’ inboxes? Have you ever hit “send” when you wish you hadn’t? Nancy will show you how to: - Get recipients to open and read your e-mails - Target and time your e-mails to boost your response rate - Pack a punch from the start - Reflect your best personal and professional style - Use “cc” and “bcc” strategically - Include attachments appropriately - Format effectively - Avoid hitting “send” before you’re ready (with foolproof tricks)

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