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A selection of clippings in which I've been quoted

Yahoo Finance

"Women Do Ask for More Money — But Get Turned Down More Often, Study Shows"

LinkedIn News​

"How to Find a New Job in the Financial Services Industry"

LinkedIn News​

“How to Transition Out of the Financial Services Industry”


“6 Tips for Older Workers Who Want to Get a New Job This Year”

The New York Times

“Making a New Start in a Business of Their Own”

“Want People to Listen to You in Zoom Meetings? Follow These 3 Rules”

“Reconnect With Your Professional Network”

The Wall Street Journal

“The Instant Message Generation Gap”

Fast Company

“5 Mistakes to Avoid When Asking for a Raise”

The Wall Street Journal

“Why You Should Never Tell Someone to Relax”


“7 Networking Tips for Introverts”Money


“Introverts’ Secrets of Success”

The Wall Street Journal, January 8, 2005

WSJ article.png

Before introverts were cool...
Nancy was getting the word out

The Wall Street Journal

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