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Presentation Skills

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About this service

Learning to speak publicly—in online or in person—with confidence can be a huge career booster. It’s a valuable investment that pays dividends at your business meetings, presentations, and even job interviews. Nancy Ancowitz presents regularly to a range of corporations, government agencies, and professional associations. As a presentation-skills coach, she has a knack for bringing out her clients’ strengths and personalities. Her approach is not only rewarding—it’s also fun. Working with Nancy, you’ll learn to engage a virtual or in-person audience with your presence, hold your audience’s interest with powerful content, and deliver your message crisply and persuasively. You’ll get to the point with intelligence and passion, and inspire your audience to take desired actions. You’ll master a vital second language—body language—which can make or break your presentation. (You’ll even learn what to do with your hands!). Afraid to speak to an audience? Managing your jitters is completely doable. Via gentle guidance, strategic tips, on-the-spot grounding techniques—and practice—you can channel your fear into excitement and actually enjoy presenting. Most of the best speakers prepare behind the scenes, only to appear completely natural at the mike. So can you. Tap Nancy’s presentation expertise to: - Tame your jitters - Create attention-getting content, including beginnings and endings - Target your audience’s interests - Speak with clarity, purpose, and authority - Harness the power of body language - Use your best voice - Rehearse and fine-tune (with optional video feedback)

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